Dual Purpose Siphon - Overview

(Patent Pending)
Are you tired of wasting money on siphons that break, leak, clog easily, or oxidize your beer and wine? Do you want a worry-free way of siphoning your latest batch without the hassle of contamination?

The Dual-Purpose Siphon is a durable, simple, and effective solution that can also be used to aerate wort or must during the initial transfer to a fermenter. Dissolved Oxygen is proven to improve yeast health and fermentation quality. The Dual-Purpose Siphon will help every brewer improve their beer and wine. Made from high quality stainless steel and silicone rubber, the Dual Purpose Siphon is simple to use, easy to sanitize, and highly temperature resistant. Eliminate the mess and significantly improve your next batch, today!

  • Works with any container or kettle up to 22 inches deep
  • 22 inch long, 3/8 inch diameter stainless steel racking cane and silicon tubing
  • Check valve to draw liquid without allowing air to enter
  • Easy disassembly for quick sanitation
  • Will fit any size container